Why should I see a counselor?

Why should I see a counselor?

Often times in life we hit bumps in the road. We can't seem to make sense of our relationships or our work life challenges. These struggles frequently are resolved by chatting with a good friend over coffee or a colleague at work. Sometimes, we have great personal insight and make changes on our own. These are wonderful victories when they occur. However, for many of us, it will take an objective professional to come alongside us as we are stuck. A counselor can easily shine the light on the dark corner that was in our blind spot. The benefit to this confidential relationship is to have another set of eyes and ears outside of those personally involved in our lives.

Making the Decision to Get Help

Choosing a professional counselor for you or a loved one is an important decision process. One great way to find a good match begins with identifying some of your own top priorities. This could be a short or a long list of characteristics that are crucial when you think of the type of person with which you feel comfortable sharing personal life experiences and goals. It is helpful to research many different counselors to understand their credentials and education, as well as their world view and life philosophy. When you decide to allow someone to participate in your journey towards change and healing, they should be worthy of trust.  

Questions for Your First Visit

Although it is not required, it is often helpful to think of questions that you may have for the counselor in your first visit. The counseling/client relationship is professional in nature and it is important that the counselor you chose is transparent and honest with their communication from the beginning.