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Blah blah blah

You ever have a blah day? You start your morning routine like a robot, feeling nothing as you push through the afternoon. I think these days are sometimes harder then the ones packed with intense emotions. Whether we’re flying high or down in the valley sobbing, we feel alive in extremes. It’s those pesky in between days that can give way to doubt. Especially when days turn to weeks and months. We start to wonder, “Why am I really here? Do I make a difference or am I living on repeat?” Mastering “meh” moments is a life skill that helps us stave off depression. It’s all about our narrative on these ho-hum days. Are you willing to check your attitude or are you more likely to grumble?

I’ve found this battle intensifies on the weekends. It’s that time when my high expectations sometimes collide with my poor planning. I anticipate a much needed “rest and recharge” so I avoid scheduling. This doesn’t work. I either don’t get any rest or waste time going in circles. Perhaps for you it’s the other way around, the work day is so routine that you’re half way through the day before you notice it’s almost quitting time. Either way, when we go through the motions, life becomes a bunch of tasks stacked on top of each other. We find ourselves checking off the boxes on a never ending list. We lose purpose. We drift.

The good news is complacency isn’t supposed to feel good. When you are restless, reflect. We grow in discomfort. It’s a time to look at what you need to do differently. Learning to develop healthy habits that fuel you breaks through monotony. Finding things to do indoors and outdoors as well as things that cost money and are free is good first step.