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Outside of the In Crowd

Rejection hurts. We will do anything to belong, even if it causes us harm. When acceptance doesn’t happen we talk ourselves down. When friends betray us we crawl into the pit of despair and start decorating our dungeon. When peers break promises we launch a personal assault and tear down our worth. This mental quick sand is the last things we need. Get out of the sinking sand and back on the firm foundation. Remember, your worth is never defined by people.

Sometimes we trick ourselves into thinking that this type of pain only happens in High School. The truth is that regardless of age, mean happens. Rejection doesn’t discriminate. Even in marriage we find ourselves competiting for the most hurtful insult rather than building each other up. In order for healing to happen our thoughts must align with truth rather than public opinion. We must train our minds to focus on our uncorruptible worth rather than our emotions.