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Archive for August 2019

Blah blah blah

You ever have a blah day? You start your morning routine like a robot, feeling nothing as you push through the afternoon. I think these days are sometimes harder then the ones packed with intense emotions. Whether we’re flying high or down in the valley sobbing, we feel alive in extremes. It’s those pesky in…

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Outside of the In Crowd

Rejection hurts. We will do anything to belong, even if it causes us harm. When acceptance doesn’t happen we talk ourselves down. When friends betray us we crawl into the pit of despair and start decorating our dungeon. When peers break promises we launch a personal assault and tear down our worth. This mental quick…

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Another Long Night

Laurel woke in fear, her heart racing and sweat dripping from her brow. Her sheets were drenched. This seemed like unending torture night after night. The images that chased her in her sleep tormented her mind and left her no rest. None of it made any sense. She was having graphic and gory stories of…

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